What is a Gastro Pub?

Gastro Pub is a style of pub that concentrates on serving a higher level quality of cuisine. The term is a marriage of the words gastronomy and pub and was coined in the early 1990s in London when chefs began recognizing a demand for a full-service dining experience in a comfortable, familiar environment.

The difference between a "gastro-pub" and an old fashioned "pub" - it's the food. A gastropub is "food forward", meaning that it's all about the food. It is about creating dishes that are both interesting and comfortable. GastroPub fare adheres to pub-like comfort, regularity, and pricing but raises the bar on flavor and quality of ingredients.

Novo Dolce Gastro Pub combines imaginative, upscale cooking techniques with the casual dining experience of a pub. Our executive chef Sasa Mandrapa has created a menu that is casual, yet refined by combining old world recipes with innovative gastronomical techniques and fresh local ingredients.

Please stop by our new location to experience Novo Dolce Gastro Pub.



  • Monday - Thursday 11AM to 10PM*
  • Friday - Saturday 11AM to 11PM*


651 US 31W ByPass, Suite 101, Bowling Green, KY 42101